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Enterprise support for enterprise projects

With a team of experts who have been together for years, you won’t finder an easier path to success than with Fantasktic.

No downtime

Our lightweight proprietary process clones your site to our development server and only pushes updated files live.

Expert review

Submit your support request free of charge and our support team will review and reply with a quote for your approval.

Go live on approval

Only after a full review and approval of the completed updates are the files for the fix pushed to your live site. Simple and seamless.


Our simple support process make it easy to submit support requests on demand and only when you need them.

Supercharge your site

Get those updates and issues that impact your site finally fixed in a secure, efficient way. Our proven, expert support has supercharged thousands of customer’s websites.

Frequently asked questions

Do I pay anything to submit my problem?

No. It is free to submit your support request, our team will then review and reply with a quote and timeline to fix your issue.

Do you work on my live site?

Never. Once you approve the quote for your support request, we will make a copy of your site on our development servers and make your requested update. After the update is completed you will receive a preview link to review and approve the fix before we push only the updated files to your live site.

What are your customer support hours?

We offer email support typically between the hours of 8:00a.m. – 6p.m. Pacific daylight time, Monday – Friday and try to respond to all inquiries within hours.

How long does a typical support request take?

All support requests are reviewed on a case by case basis but most are completed within 4 – 5 days from the scheduled start date.

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