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Our Premium Membership gives you enhanced benefits plus 10% off every migration request you submit. It’s a great value for anyone submitting more than 1 migration request per month.

$9.99 per month or $99 per year.

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Looking for more than migrations? Lets us know by asking us about our Platinum Membership.

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Included with your Fantasktic membership

Questions? Let’s see if we can answer them.

Our memberships are meant to simple to understand but provide exceptional support to ensure we are there for all your WordPress support needs.


What exactly do you mean when you say for up to X number of websites?

Each membership includes a specific discount for every support request you submit. Also included in with your membership is support for more than just 1 website. Let’s say you have 5 websites you own – with our Business plan you can add 3 of those websites to your profile and be able to receive your membership discount on any of those sites.

What if I submit a support request for a website not in my profile?

In this case you will not receive your membership discount. You must save the domain in your profile to receive the discount. You can get an idea of all pricing here.

What is the FREE membership all about?

To submit a support request with Fantasktic, you must have a membership – which is really just like creating an account. With your free membership you are allowed to save 1 website in your profile so when you are logged in, it’s quick and easy to submit support requests for that website.

Are there any other membership features like backups or site monitoring?

No. You can see a list of membership features above. Site backups, monitoring, automatic upgrades, etc are all standard features with any WordPress specific host. So we spend our time focusing on not only what we are great at, but what hosts don’t offer. If you aren’t on a WordPress specific host – we suggest you find one…Now :)

Can I cancel anytime?

Yep. Our memberships are month to month – no contracts, no obligation.

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